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Being in business for 20 years, we have been around the block a few times, covering the whole legal spectrum from civil litigation, criminal and commercial law to conveyancing.


From 2004 we started specialising in conveyancing and for the past 6 years all our resources are focused on the property sphere.


Henning Joubert



In today’s competitive business arena we have to think outside the box, break away from the traditional and offer extra cutting edge services. To accomplish this we have a dedicated Public Relations Manager, whose services include inter alia the following:


•    Being the liaison between our offices and the mandator
•    Ensuring efficient communication between all relevant parties
•    Assisting in obtaining necessary information and documentation
•    Regular reporting on progress
•    Arrange signing of documentation on an expedited basis
•    Building relationships not only with clients, but also with the relevant authorities to enhance feedback


In addition to the above, continuous monitoring of each transaction will take place to identify possible delays. This process of proactive management will ensure that each registration process is finalised in the shortest time span possible.


We appreciate the fact that all parties involved have a monitory interest in every property transaction, and therefore strive towards efficient and diligent service.






Our aim to finalise all matters in our offices as expediently as possible. By striving to do this we assist our clients where possible, such as visiting their premises for document signing, if necessary.


Although we have a pricing structure, we are open for negotiation and always have an open mind-set to keep that cutting edge in the market.

1.)    We offer the full spectrum of conveyancing services to our clients.

Some of these services include:
•    Registration of transfer of immovable residential and commercial properties
•    Registration of residential and commercial mortgage as well as notarial bonds
•    Registration of sub-divisions and consolidation of properties
•    Deceased estate transfers
•    Endorsements on title deeds such as divorces and court orders
•    All other deeds office processes and procedures

2.)    We also draft various other contracts to assist our clients through the process of buying and selling of property, managing and concluding business deals and register Ante Nuptial Contracts (ANC’s) in the deeds office.